Hurried Life

Listening to this song after thirty five years it seems even more relevant to my life now than it did in the seventies. It all goes by so fast that those days are a retrospective dream.

I'm Askin'

An homage to an idol of mine from my teens, Mose Alison. His lyrics are always clever and his music...well it's really smooth.This song is an upbeat look at overcoming the difficulties of perfoming on stage, on cue, on and on.

Looking Back

When Peter Kaukonen and I dissolved our rock group "Petrus" we left our hilltop home in El Granada...Half moon Bay, California. He went North and I went South. This song attempts to neatly wrap up the many stange and wonderful experiences we had in that house...Mah Jongg and Backgammon and the usual sixties herbal supliments. Always music toys and games. Reading with my feet up on the hearth looking over the pines to the grey winter ocean. When I sing this song I picture driving down our bumpy dirt road for the last time, looking out the side view mirror of my old green Chevy Van.